The Scientific Method: The Foundation of Discovery – (Part 2) Asking Questions.

Our fear of not knowing, of appearing foolish in front of our peers, lies in the brain. It’s an important evolutionary trait, that kept our ancestors alive. But in today’s age, it is failing us. We can’t tell you how to overcome it, but we can give you a little advice on dealing with it. Stop, take a deep breath, and repeat after me.

“Who cares?”

2018 Rebranding and Update

We’ve rebranded! To narrow our niche, we have changed our name from “Teach Yourself Science” to “Apes In Lab Coats.”…

The Scientific Method: The Foundation of Discovery – (Part 1) Introduction & Making Observations

Ape Labs believes that the beauty and elegance found in science can lead you to be a better person. This article is an exploration of the deeper meaning of the scientific method. A look at how to implement it in a more meaningful way by using mindfulness, sensitivity to change, and critical analysis and reasoning skills.