Unifying science and people. Here at Apes in Lab Coats, we believe that schools don’t dedicate enough time to explaining the beauty and value of science & math. Technical skills and concepts are shoved into our minds temporarily, then we quickly forget them once a test is over.  Apes in Lab Coats believes that integration of science into the social consciousness and every individual therein is one of the steps that are necessary for us to cross over to the next level in human achievement.

We believe that all of us possess common traits which allowed humans to become what we are. We all observe, question, and interpret the world based on things that worked and didn’t work before. If we could all harness those traits and learn how to apply them scientifically, then the collective brainpower that we would generate could catapult our species into, well who knows? It’s possible that if we were all able to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way, then perhaps we could generate ideas that would change the world as we know it, what that change would be is anyone’s guess.


1. The data that science produces is neither good nor bad. It’s what people do with it that matters, but if the results are reproducible, then it is true until proven otherwise.

2.  Science should always play a role in informing public policy. Too often decisions are made with little or no scientific input. We have voices, we should be heard, but we must do so in a way that exemplifies rational thought and professionalism.

3. We don’t have to create public policy around scientific findings. Just because something is verifiable and based in fact does not mean that it should be the only factor in considering policy, it is merely, information. Along with being scientific, we are also capable of morality. See guideline 1.

4. Freedom of speech is of utmost importance. Conversations are never off limits no matter what the public says. We must never be afraid of answering questions and sharing our findings.  It is our duty as scientists.

5. Shun tribalism and mob mentality in every way. Always be an independent thinker, and dare to think critically. The zeitgeist informs the masses, but we are not the masses.

6. Our evolution is maladaptive to the world we live in today. The mechanisms which allowed us to be successful as a species are failing us in our modern society. The rise in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and depression serve as striking examples. It is time to overcome our biology.

7. Question everything, with genuine curiosity and have a hunger to learn more. Our golden rule. Always, seek information.

Granted we e also know that knowledge and beliefs aren’t enough. We must also learn how to engage with those who disagree with us. We must actively work towards the creation of a culture where emotions are set aside, where we aren’t offended by everyone and everything. Where we can respectfully disagree and still learn from one another.

We are attempting to contribute to the broader conversations taking place in the Intellectual Dark Web, by building a base of knowledge and ideas through which individuals can examine arguments and draw their own conclusions.

Never stop learning.

-Apes in Lab Coats

*Disclaimer: By using this site you are agreeing that you won’t be a jerk. It’s never okay. Also, while we strive to be accurate, please understand that mistakes happen. As scientists you must learn to verify information and seek professional opinion whenever possible. If you see a mistake please let us know.

The views expressed on this site do not reflect the views of any other entity other than Apes in Lab Coats.