Resources & Tools

Science is a vast and complicated place, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of information. We hope that one day, you will come to see Apes in Lab Coats as your go-to resource for science topics, but we also understand that we can’t possibly cover everything on this site. Which is why we will continue to alert you to outside resources that will aid you in your learning.

#1- Khan Academy

Khan academy

Salman Khan did something extraordinary when he created Khan Academy. Yet, despite its popularity, we have encountered people who still don’t know what it’s all about! Khan Academy is a video-based teaching website dedicated to the free dissemination of information. This means that it allows everyone with a computer and internet connection to have an equal opportunity for education. Subjects covered include everything from organic chemistry to business. They even have an entire section dedicated to the MCAT which is approved by the AAMC. The videos are no more than 10-12 minutes, and they teach the information in a very linear way. This is our go to when we want to learn the basics on a topic.

#2- CrashCourse


These Youtube based videos are our favorite when we want a fun, quick review of what we’ve learned. As we’ll cover in future articles, taking an active rest from studying is a powerful tool in maximizing your learning capacity. By changing the way that content is presented, our brains can take a break from the monotony of complicated equations or historical facts. That is what makes CrashCourse so useful. They aim to give you a general overview, a snapshot, of the content. Use it when you want to test how knowledgeable you are on a topic by using their talking points as cues for you to explain the processes.

#3- Quizlet


Everytime that we think we’re done with quizlet we decide to give it another chance, and everytime, Quizlet delivers. In our opinion, there is no better resource when it comes to rote memorization. The concept is simple, Quizlet is an online custom flash card generating website. It allows you to play games with your cards, test yourself and study in a variety of different ways. Go with the premium membership if you want to fully customize your sets.